2007 Cleveland Auto Show

Auto shows, demonstrations and events are a great chance for anyone in any part of the industry to head out and check out the latest and greatest for the coming year. The shows are also often great opportunities to get a look at all of the manufacturers and vehicles together in one place, and there are plenty of ‘show specials' to take advantage of too.

While industry auto shows are often open to both industry members and the public, the days for each are usually segregated so that each group can look at the parts of the show that they are most interested in and the exhibitors are able to direct their sales accordingly.

Auto shows are held all over the world and most countries are lucky enough to play host to such an event. The next such event is the Cleveland Auto Show which beings on Saturday, 24 February.

The Cleveland Auto Show will play host to a myriad of vehicles from SUVs to hybrids and everything in between. Running until March 4, there will be plenty of opportunity for everyone with an interest in cars to see the latest developments from around the world.

There will also be displays of the newest concept vehicles being released including the Ford Interceptor, Pontiac G8 and the Jeep Trailhawk. The Auto Show is also to be the launching point for several exciting new 2008 releases on their way to the dealer's showrooms.

There are also other informative displays such as guest speakers throughout the show as well as a 4WD course and NASCAR drivers signing autographs.

Car shows are not only a great chance for those in the industry to do some networking and get up to date with new developments, they are also a chance for anyone with a passion for any type of car to come and revel in the automotive excitement.

Europe and the UK also play host to their fair share of auto shows too so if you would like to explore the latest innovations closer to home, contact Limo Hire Birmingham for more information about the next auto show near you, or to hire the newest limousine releases in your area.