Chauffeur on a Date

Limo hire is popular with people who are planning a first date, a special date or just a romantic evening with their special someone. A limousine sets the tone of the evening as something special right from the beginning and riding in a chauffeur driven limousine for the night means that no one has to worry about driving, all you have to worry about is each other.

However, have you ever thought about how a chauffeur would go on a date? Would a chauffeur make the perfect date because they are so attentive and open the door for you, or would they make sure you wiped your feet before you got in the car and make minimal conversation while you were driving?

Well, a chauffeur may like to use the fact that they are a chauffeur to their advantage to impress their date. A chauffeur would be able to pick their date up in a stylish, sleek, glamorous limousine which would have all the neighbours peering out of their windows wondering who the mysterious stranger in the expensive car was.

A chauffeur would also of course hold the door open for their date when they got in and out of the car as well as when they arrived at the restaurant, movies or cafe and of course, this would also mean they held out the chair for their date too. The ride in the limousine would also be smooth and comfortable because of the long wheelbase absorbing the bumps of the road and the experience of the chauffeur with their limousine and with the local roads and driving conditions.

Dating a chauffeur would also mean you were always picked up on time, you never missed the beginning of the movie you were seeing and you could always rely on your chauffeur date to be there. A chauffeur could also pick a different car for each date to allow their date to experience riding in cars they may not be able to afford, as well as impress their friends.

So while you may not have bagged a date with a chauffeur, you can still contact Limo Hire Birmingham who can set you up with the perfect chauffeur and limousine to impress your own special someone.