Limo Operators Fines Add Up

Anyone who has ever gotten a speeding fine or a parking fine is likely to be reminded that the best way to stop someone doing something wrong is to make them pay. Well, you will be glad that you are not on the end of the 14,000 fine facing a limousine hire company operator after a series of offences and safety breaches.

The Bradford based limousine operator has been fined 14,200 after a series of serious irregularities were discovered about his limo hire company. The fine covers a range of offences including driving without insurance, fraudulent use of registration plates, fraudulent use of Vehicle Excise Duty and not having a PSV operator license or a COIF. The offending operator also had 31 points endorsed on his driving license at the Leeds Crown Court.

The limousine operator originally tried to claim that he had attempted to obtain an O-license, but when this was disproved, he stated he would make an application in due course. He was then instructed to pay off his debt in instalments of at least 500 each month, or risk going to prison. The operator claimed exceptional hardship and was able to avoid disqualification, but is still due to face other offences relating to his failure to obtain the correct and necessary licenses.

The VOSA realise that most limousine hire companies and operators conduct their business inside the law and have the correct licenses. However, there are still operators who put the public and themselves at risk by not being fully licensed and not following the correct safety and regulatory procedures. This is why the VOSA has set the fines for limousine operators so high, to ensure that operators understand how serious the VOSA is about ensuring the safety of limo hire passengers, and to act as a deterrent to those operators who are considering skipping their licensing and safety checks.

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