Ackers Outdoor Adventure

It can be tricky to get your kids out of the house to do some exercise, but with every second news report and newspaper banging on about the obesity rate in English children, you know you need to persist.

Therefore, you need to make sure your adventures outdoor are fun and while there is of course budget restrictions to your family outings, spoiling the family with a full-blown fun day out once in a while can't hurt.

Where you go to spoil your kids and get them out of the house is of course up to you, but can we make a few suggestions? For a start, getting the kids there should not be a trial either so for the day you are spoiling your family, hire them a limousine to take them out.

The limousine ride will ensure there are no complaints of ‘she's sitting on my leg' or ‘are we there yet' because your kids will be so excited about riding in the carriages of the rich and famous, they will forget about the length of the ride.

Therefore, you will be able to venture further a field than you would dare in your family car, so why not make for Birmingham where you will find The Ackers.

The Ackers is the leading outdoor adventure and activity centre in the whole of Europe and is set 2 miles from the centre of Birmingham on a 70 acre property. As such, you and your family can take part in a myriad of outdoor adventure activities which include skiing, snowboarding, climbing, bridgering, canoeing, kayaking, bellboating, archery, orienteering and even a 4WD course!

The Ackers have fully trained staff on hand to not only ensure you and your family get the hang of the activities and get the most out of them, but also to pick you up if anyone happens to fall.

The activities and opening times depend on the seasons, but there is sure to be something everyone in your family can get excited about. Also, if your kids are particularly taken with an activity, The Ackers runs after school and holiday programs too.

After your family has had their fill of adventure, your limousine will be ready and waiting to chauffeur you all home in comfort, all the better for any bruises or sore muscles you may have acquired.

For more information about hiring a limousine for a day of adventure, contact Limo Hire Birmingham now.