SUV Fuel Economy

When you really think about it, it does seem a little odd that SUVs have developed into one of the most popular types of stretch limousines around. There are many people who opt for the size, presence and head turning abilities of an SUV limousine whether they are planning a night out for an anniversary, their daughter's eighth birthday party or a raucous hen's night party.

SUVs were originally created for the extreme off-roader who looked for the rockiest, muddiest track regardless of where they were going and where it may lead. However, it is probably the revival of the domestic SUV, which has lead to their popularity as a limousine.

SUVs are now popular for many city dwellers who have never even seen a dirt road. The ride height and the internal space appeal to families and even young couples who like to see above the heads of the other drivers on the road.

As such, the manufacturers of SUVs started to add more and more accessories and comfort to further appeal to this new market. SUVs were then adopted in earnest by ‘soccer mums' who liked the extra power, space, style and presence, compared to their old wagon or van.

There are of course a variety of SUVs now on the market and they can be as tough or sophisticated as you like; for example you can choose from any brand, from Mercedes to Toyota.

However, while SUVs are a lot of fun when you hire them stretched out from a limo hire company, they can be very heavy on the fuel and this is an important consideration for the families who are setting out to purchase them.

This is why it is important for people to consider whether they really need the extra space (and weight) of an SUV for everyday, or whether they would be happy for a ride in a classy modern SUV to be saved for special occasions.

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