Limo and Van Capacity Options

Limousine capacity is an issue for all limo hire companies and passengers for many reasons and it can be hard for people booking limousines for hire to know about the intricacies of the industry.

For example, often people hire limousines for large parties such as weddings or hens nights and they have a party of eight and so they hire a limousine which seats eight people. However, many limousines which have eight seats will not accommodate that many people comfortably, and after all, that is what riding in a limousine is all about - being comfortable.

Also, some larger parties also have a lot of extras such as luggage if they are coming from the airport or setting up for a wedding at a hotel and this needs to be taken into account too as the luggage must all be able to fit within the boot of the limousine.

The solution to this problem is often to hire a larger limousine as in the UK there is an eight passenger limit but there are many limousines on the streets which can seat many more people than that.

Therefore hiring a slightly larger limousine for eight people means there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out and there is plenty of room for everyone's luggage, bags and large bridesmaid's skirts.

Other hire companies combat this by hiring out buses which are registered differently to limousines and can therefore carry more people and more luggage. The same considerations must be taken with buses too as they are often rated for a certain amount of passengers, but can not always accommodate that many.

For more information about the passenger capacity of the limousines and buses for hire in your area, contact Limo Hire Birmingham now.