What Happened at Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show is done and dusted for another year, and for those of you who couldn't make it to this stellar motoring event, you're probably wondering about the goss from the movers and shakers of the automotive industry. Well as with any auto show in any part of the world, Geneva was the chance for all of the biggest manufacturers to show off their latest and greatest concepts and cars.

And luxury speaks any language so it was no surprise to see that every manufacturer at the show was doing their best and brightest to show how exclusive, expensive and luxurious their new vehicles were. Volkswagen even went outside of the show hours that the other exhibitors were using the showcase their vehicles, and held a special invitation only media event to show off their Audi, Bentley, Buggati and Lamborghini models this year.

Also, with Jaguar having recently been bought out by the Indian industrial giant, Ratan Tata, he garnered his fair share of attention because everyone wants to suss out the new guy and find out what his plans for the company are. Unfortunately, Tata is still several years away from meeting the EU requirements but we have all been assured that when his new contribution is ready it will blow us all away.

Of course environmentally friendly vehicles were the hot topic at Geneva this year and the desire for more green cars stems not only from the desire to help the environment, it is also about the financial, socioeconomic and politic issues surrounding our dependence on fossil fuels. And after all, that is one of the best ways to ensure that people really care about an issue, take notice and take action - hit them where it hurts. As drivers notice more and more how much money they are pouring into their cars as the price of fuel rises, hopefully there will be even more pressure on manufacturers to come up with environmentally friendly, and renewable solutions, for an even greener Geneva in 2009.

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