Find Out How Your Birmingham Limos Are Created

Find Out How Your Birmingham Limos Are Created

Many limousines are simply ordinary luxury cars as most luxury cars will have extra features and a longer wheelbase for more legroom as the people who buy them are looking for a little bit of luxury every time they drive their cars.

However, the stretch limousines have to be manufactured and while many are manufactured from these already luxurious cars, there are many more limos which are stretched from ordinary cars and SUVs and then decked out with the latest multimedia and luxury items.

Depending on the type of car being stretched and the amount it is being stretched, there are different safety and manufacturing guidelines the coachbuilders must follow. However, the basics of stretching a luxury car into a stretch limousine, all begin with stripping, cutting and separating the car into two halves.

Once in pieces, the vehicle has its frame extended with steel structures, forming the basis of the stretched part of the limousine. The extra materials are welded into place in line with the manufacturing techniques applied by the car's original manufacturers.

The parts used to stretch the vehicle are often custom made as all stretch limousines are done after manufacture. These customised extras not only include the stretched body of the limousine, but also the interior finishes on the limousine, the upholstery, the trim and any extra electrical components added.

Once the limousine has been put back together again and had all of the luxurious extras added, it is then prepped and painted to hide all of its recent construction work.

Stretching a limousine is a long and very important process as it must be done absolutely right to ensure that the stretched components meld perfectly with the existing body for safety and style.

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