Hire a Manouverable Stretch Limo in Birmingham

Hire a Manouverable Stretch Limo in Birmingham

We all love the look of the super stretch SUV limousines rumbling down the street, whether it is a pink Hummer H3 or a sleek black Ford Excursion, they make a bold, yet exciting impression on everyone who sees them, even before they have gotten inside!

However, with the extra stretching comes manoeuvrability issues for the chauffer which they have never faced before. The limousines on the streets today are longer, wider, bigger and heavier than any seen before and the chauffeurs are still adapting.

The main problem is reversing such a large vehicle, coupled with the fact that it is only the front wheels which turn. Like anyone who drives any type of vehicle will know, reversing is one of the most risky things you can do. You have two small mirrors on the side, a whole car behind you and you can see very little of the space you are reversing into.

Therefore, chauffeurs driving the super stretch SUV limousines will avoid reversing as much as possible. They will look at where they need to go and decide whether they will be able to get out without reversing. If they don't think they can get out without reversing, they will decide whether they really need to go in there in the first place.

When there is no alternative but to reverse their SUV limousine, a chauffeur will generally ask another chauffeur nearby to help with directing them.

While 4 wheel steering would make reversing easier on the chauffeur, it is simply another component to maintain and pay through the nose to fix if it breaks. Because many chauffeurs do general repairs on their vehicles themselves, this is something they always consider.

So while the new developments in the industry are great for passengers, the chauffeurs are continually learning new skills to help them adapt to their ever changing role.

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