Local Birmingham Limousine Fascination

Local Birmingham Limousine Fascination

We all have a fascination with things which come from another country or culture. While we appreciate that those in other countries seek out our products, we will always have a special interest in anything which has come from foreign shores.

This foreign infatuation is especially noticeable with cars. There are a number of top quality luxury cars which come out of the UK and are sought after by the rich and famous around the world. However, while we appreciate the quality of British styling and manufacture and we may have even indulged ourselves to grace our garage with a Rolls or a Betley, we will always stop to watch a French, Italian or American limousine pass us by.

However we do pay dearly for this infatuation, as the import and compliance costs can sometimes be more than the car itself is worth making the foreign cars even more unique as they are often one-offs because of the price.

Therefore, larger luxury car companies have manufacturers in a variety of countries to ensure that their vehicles are chosen to be driven by the local socialities, and hired out by the limousine hire companies.

However, there are not manufacturers of every luxury car or limousine in every country and therefore it is important for the limo hire companies looking for unique foreign limousines to have developed a relationship with importers or other larger car dealers who can get them a good deal on an imported foreign luxury car.

While we are fascinated by either the size, style or brand of foreign cars, there is a definite distinction between their ostentatious attention grabbing quality and the understated style and elegance of the limousines which have come out of our UK factories.

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