Outdoor Art Tour in Birmingham

The Spirit of Enterprise...

While wandering around an art gallery all afternoon may not be your cup of tea, there are some pieces of art which you just can't go past, and that is why they have been put in the middle of town, so that everyone does go past them and bestows their admiration on them.

Birmingham is one of those cities which has a passion for outdoor art pieces and instead of spending an afternoon in an art gallery getting sore feet and waiting for Tom Hanks to come along and tell you what it all means, you can spend a day in a luxurious limousine, cruising the streets of Birmingham and appreciating our outdoor art.

Hiring a limousine from Birmingham, your chauffeur may even be able to suggest pieces of outdoor art worth a visit, one of which may be the Spirit of Enterprise in Centenary Square.

This bronze water fountain in the middle of Birmingham tells the story of the city and its people. The figure in the water feature represents Enterprise, riding in hope in a wave of water, accompanied by a melding of the many nationalities which make up the fabric of Birmingham's culture.

Created in 1991, the Spirit of Enterprise is a great starting point for your tour of the outdoor art of Birmingham. The water fountain is inspiring to look at and inspiring to consider as we rarely look closely at our city, even though it is right under our noses.

In hiring a limousine for a tour of Birmingham's outdoor art, you and your friends or family can enjoy seeing Birmingham in a way you never have before - from the luxury of a chauffeur driven limo.

Your chauffeur ensures no one has to worry about directions or missing out on any of the attractions flying past the windows and no one will be complaining of sore feet at the end of a limousine art tour.

For more information about hiring a limousine to see the outdoor art of Birmingham, or to simply see your city in a new light, contact Limo Hire Birmingham now.