Tour of Cadbury World...

There is bound to be at least one chocoholic in every family, and if not, there will be someone who has seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory around a hundred times, a year. Well to indulge whichever type of chocoholic you know, a visit to a chocolate factory is sure to be met with enthusiasm.

And we all know Cadbury make the best chocolate in the world, which you can see being made on a tour of Cadbury World in Birmingham. Cadbury World is not only a great idea for a family day out to get first dibs on chocolate straight from the factory, the tour of Cadbury World is also educational, covering the history and chocolate making techniques from hundreds of years ago.

Now, if you are planning a tour of a chocolate factory, you are probably all going to indulge in a few (too many) samples. In this case, you will want to make sure you hire a limousine to take your family to and from Cadbury World to ensure no one has to worry about driving home when they feel a little full.

The smooth limousine ride home will also soothe any stomachs which are upset after a bit of over indulgence. The chauffeur will also be able to help load any large sugary purchases you may have made, into the limousine, you can even put them in the limo fridge so they don't melt on the way home.

Even though you may feel spoilt on your limo tour through Birmingham to Cadbury World, once you arrive at the chocolate factory the fun can really start as the journey starts by travelling back in time to see the Mayan Indians and the Aztec culture and learn about how cocoa became central to their way of life.

The tour will then take you back to the founding of Cadbury and you will be lead through the history of the chocolate makers, which leads to the process of chocolate making as you see the famous Cadbury ingredients and are treated to a few surprises.

There are heaps of other exciting activities you can enjoy on your tour like a ride in the Beanmobiles and having the chance to write your name in chocolate! You can then of course visit the world's biggest Cadbury shop to collect some chocolate to tide you over on the ride home.

Once you and your family have had your fill of chocolate and chocolaty history, your limousine will be waiting to take you all smoothly back home. For more information about hiring a limousine for a tour of Cadbury World or Birmingham, contact Limo Hire Birmingham now.