Visit Coughton Court...

In a country with such a long history like the UK, there are bound to be some rebels and conspirators in the history books and it is these stories which make the most exciting adventures, especially when the places they occurred are still standing and visitable.

For example, Coughton Court has been the family home of the Throckmortons since they built on the land in around 1530. However, Coughton Court has a unique place in history because of its involvement in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

Coughton Court is said to have been involved in the attempted explosion of the House of Lords during the sate opening of Parliament House in November of 1605. So, for the chance to explore some exciting and unique history, make sure you pay a visit to Coughton Court when next you travel through Birmingham to learn more about that fateful plot.

Coughton Court can also offer travellers a variety of other activities and historical sites to explore, so when you do visit, make sure you make the trip in a limousine so you don't have to worry about wasting time getting lost in the unfamiliar countryside and no one has to worry about being too tired to drive home after all of the exciting discoveries.

The gardens of Coughton Court are also famous across England and although they were only established in 1991, they have thrived and grown into a beauty to complement the historical house as a stunning display of roses, herbaceous plants and various segmented gardens, courtyards and orchards.

With the variety of plants around Coughton Court, there will be a different view in the gardens depending on the time of year you visit. This also means you can go back as many times as you like to experience all of the different varieties planted there.

For more information about revisiting the Gunpowder Plot or about taking a relaxing stroll through the ever changing gardens of Coughton Court, contact Limo Hire Birmingham now.