Limo Company Competition...

There is always going to be competition between limo hire companies. Each company thinks they have the best limos, the best chauffeurs and the best service, and they set out and try as hard as they can to tell this to the limo hiring public.

This competition is usually confined to the advertising of each company, but sometimes, these feuds are played out through the media too, often with the competing limo hire companies looking as though they have their priorities in the wrong place.

There was one such feud in Boston several years ago between two of the largest limo hire companies in the city. While the media are often party to these competitions, they also more often than not use the stories as a bit of light hearted fun, not as a serious business concern.

The operators of these limo hire companies were Dawson Rutter and Scott Solombrino, used the media a lot of the time to showcase their distaste and their own company's prevalence over the other's.

Theirs was not just ordinary business rivalry, there were a number of accusations on both sides. Whether one feels threatened by the other or it is more of a personal rivalry, Dawson and Scott had no nice words to say about each other.

One of the issues causing the heated feud is that Scott sued Rutter for poaching one of his chauffeurs who had signed a contract forbidding him to work for another limo hire company for 18 months.

On another note Scott has also been sued by former employees who claim he paid fewer wages than was required. There was also an issue over one of Dawson's chauffeurs using the restrooms at a hotel which was a client of Scott's.

While there are some instances where one limo hire company will step on the toes of another, limo hire is a competitive industry and one which often needs to be handled with good sportsmanship.