White Rolls Royce Phantom Hire Midlands

White Rolls Royce Phantom Birmingham and Midlands..

At Limo Hire Birmingham we are excited to be able to offer you the chance to hire the new, white, Rolls-Royce Phantom. The stylish newest addition to our fleet is equipped with all of the latest technology you would expect from our chauffeur driven limousines, not to mention it is overflowing with style and class, as only a Rolls can.

However, now you're thinking that you're already married, or not engaged, and therefore have no reason (or excuse!) to hire our white Rolls-Royce Phantom...not true because while the white Rolls is a perfect wedding car, it also fits seamlessly into other roles too. For example, there is no more stylish way to see out the school year than to hire our white Rolls-Royce Phantom as your prom transport.

Can you imagine the stir you'll create when your classmates have all turned up in huge, impersonal party buses and you and your prom date make the most stylish entrance of the night in your white Rolls-Royce, just dripping with understated class. Not to mention the romantic ride to your prom you and your partner were able to enjoy in the intimate and private interior of your limousine, under the glittering starlight headlining.

Or perhaps you are looking at hiring a limousine for your son or daughter's christening celebration - well there is no more pure and comfortable limousine more perfect for this occasion than our white Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Or maybe you're not married yet, but are planning to propose to your special girl...? Well you want the most romantic setting possible and simply by hiring the white Rolls-Royce Phantom you have that on hand for the whole night. We can even make sure that the drinks cabinet is stocked with a celebratory bottle of champagne, that the speakers are providing the most romantic tunes and at Limo Hire Birmingham we can even organise for roses - or the flowers of your lady's choice - to be waiting in the limousine when she gets in.

So for more information about the new white Rolls-Royce Phantom in our fleet, and the reasons why you should hire, contact Limo Hire Birmingham now.